A Submission 23

I‘m here for women.
I’m here for the women.
I’m here for the women like me.

I’m here for the woman who is me.

Listen, Dear:
Do not trust Anyone
Who doesn’t take your
Hand and say;

“Here! Look, it breaks me, too.
Here! Look, I have scars, too.
Here! Look, I pray it away, too.
Here! Look, I cry to sleep, too.
Here! Look, I survive it. too.”


FARDOSA SULEIMAN (Photographer) is nineteen years old and from San Jose, California. She began taking photographs only one year ago.

Instagram: @fvrdosa
Twitter: @fvrdosa

ZAMZAM AHMED (Author) hails from Borama, and is a 25-year old university graduate with a degree in Business Administration. Zamzam is an aspiring writer/poetess who discovered her passion for writing in 2014 when she first came across a spoken word video on Facebook. Poetry became a canvas on which she expresses herself artistically. She hopes to become a well known poetess in the near future.

Instagram: @zxapoetry

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