Call of Fate

Photo #1

Grieve we must,
for appreciating the ecstatic moments when ripped from our frail hands.
A season we soaked in the playful rays of the Arabian sun
dipping our feet, slowly but surely feeling the cool Red Sea rush between our toes.
Whilst our minds rode the vessels of an ancient Egypt, and
Our thoughts formed the delicate clouds above our heads.

Upon our births, the stars twinkled to their Lord
that two from opposite ends of the world
would one day unite
and soon after part.

Two of July,
abundant in the traits we share but each holds dear our originality,
uniqueness and sense of self.
Like the stars that brightened upon our arrival to this domain,
each of us sought to shine brightest.

My shine has started to fade over the years.
I grow unaware of who I am by the day.
I stare out into the English sky at night,
in wonder of what tomorrow may bring forth of life’s uncertainties.

Friend, it has been too long.
I can feel the strength of your winds this winter;
gradually I am regaining the power
to seek out my destiny.

Friend, grateful am I for fate’s decision
that I may sit here lone but warm—
hurt but loved—
pained but comforted—
knowing that as I overhear the Christmas bells from a nearby home,
I may eagerly write to you once again.

And in your home neighbouring the mosque
you write back to me,
as the call to prayer fills the sunset sky.

JAMA ABDIRAHMAN (Photographer) is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington. He’s the co-owner and producer of Arrinta Media, a Seattle multimedia company. He developed his love for visual communication when he first picked up a camera at age 16. In his free time, Jama travels or searches the web for the cheapest flights possible.

SALMA IBRAHIM (Author) is pretty much from everywhere but currently residing in London. She’s finally figured out the TfL and seems to have picked up the accent with ease so she happily classifies herself a Londoner. Salma first started writing at the age of eleven. Hooyo gave her a journal to document her life as she tried to accustom herself to a completely new culture; Salma will forever be grateful for her. Salma is now twenty-two and, as her sister would put it, “still trying to figure it all out.” Amongst the many things Salma loves are: warm hugs, long and meaningful conversations, spontaneous coffee dates, lone walks (anywhere) and all the positive souls God brings into her life. 

Instagram: @celmaaibrahim

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