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A Submission 17


A lost boy with a lost soul,

Rove around for 13 summers & it felt like I’d always been on parole,

Harboured & caged in darkling slums,

Trickled in squall and besieged by gulls,

Decaying away whilst hid from ritzy predators ready to prey and spray,

Romancing with trouble keeping one double in the huddle,

Hover in society tryna be supple.


Cries from the past still lurking in my memories,

My extremities,

Surrounded by pain yet my mind is in a state of reverie.

They say we are oppressed,

Stopping us from practicing our faith—Why do we need your consent,

Segregating us from society until we are condensed,

Or more like diminished,

Chain us down and disintegrate our image.


FARDOSA SULEIMAN (Photographer) is nineteen years old and from San Jose, California. She began taking photographs one year ago.

Instagram: @fvrdosa
Twitter: @fvrdosa

MOHAMED AWIL (Author) writes from London. He explains, “Normally, all poems recount a story. For me, my poems tell the story of my life, and recount whatever the moment brings. Once in a while that story is miserable, and here and there it is a happy one, however it is a story in any case. A considerable amount of the time, my stories are either something that has happened to me, or to somebody I know.”

Instagram: @scatteredscrawls

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