23 Sumaya Mohamed

The year started with a whimper
A soft cry barely heard or understood
In the morning white was worn
Clean and spotless for a funeral
Your body beneath my feet covered in a white shroud
Began to change in color as we threw dust and earth upon it
Your body seemed so small, was all I could think–
Prayers were recited as the earth celebrated your homecoming

In the afternoon black was worn for your engagement
Clean, smooth black like the faces circled around you, the groom to be
Prayers were recited as the wind blessed your new beginning
The seasons come and go with vibrant colors
The moods circle around increasing and decreasing in volume
Prayers recited in between poetry and songs sung

In the evening a child was born
Blue was worn like the storm clouds gathering after the sunset
As rain pounded between leaves and pavement as I cried
My cry an entrance to this world
The rain poured for me cleansing those around me who watched
How small and fragile I looked

Sumaya Mohamed (Photographer) is an aspiring visual artist currently based in Bosaso, and roaming around Somalia. Her images portray everyday life in the motherland.

Instagram: @svmaya

Ali Hagi (Author) is a Somali male living in San Diego, California. He is 28 years of age and was born in Qooryooley, Somalia during the civil war. His family fled and lived in refugee camps in neighboring Kenya until they were granted entrance to the US as refugees in 1993. Ali took some time off from school to find his place and figure things out. He is now pursuing a Bachelors degree in English Literature, Insha’Allah. Ali is an avid reader and writer and has been writing poetry from a young age. He takes inspiration from poets he reads as well as the stories and poetry of his grandfather, Muhammad Omar Dage, a renowned poet in his own right. Ali plans to pursue a career in writing and publish a collection of poetry as well as a novel in the near future, Insha’Allah.


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