Diinkii Dhaanshey


“Diinkii Dhaanshey” (The Turtle Fetched a Pail of Water) is an idiom that hooyo always said to us when we were being lazy.  It’s taken from this story about a tortoise:
During a drought, a tortoise was sent to collect water from a well. He was presumed to have left. The other animals waited and waited until finally one day the tortoise was spotted. The animals cried in relief, “Oh! He’s back!”To which the tortoise replied, “Actually, I’m still on my way.”

Asha Mohamed (Artist) is an illustrator and aspiring writer studying for a Masters degree in Psychology. She curates and co-produces Literary Natives, an organisation dedicated to championing Writers of Colour. Asha resides in London.

Find more of Asha’s work, and purchase prints, at ashaillustrates.com 

Twitter: @baahramewe
Instagram: @baahramewe

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