What is Love

30 Sumaya Mohamed

love is a funny thing,

how it anchors itself into your heart,

and leaves you helpless,

like a fish on a hook just waiting to be reeled in.

it rips your heart out of your chest,

and places it into the waiting hands of another,

so that they may tug at your heart strings as they please,

while you are powerless,

hoping that they are gentle with you.

as we go on through life,

love places our hearts into the hands of many.

some leave our hearts with gaping wounds

that will never heal.

some nurture and protect our hearts

while we break theirs.

somewhere along the way,

we find someone whose soul speaks the same language as our own.

someone whose palms leave our hearts with a warm feeling

as they hold it in their hands,

their fingers massage away the pain and heal the cuts and bruises.

that is the love that we are all looking for.


Sumaya Mohamed (Photographer) is an aspiring visual artist currently residing in Bosaso, and further roaming around Somalia. Her images portray everyday life in the motherland.

Instagram: @svmaya

Hanan Nur (Author), 17 years old, was born and raised in Toronto. Her passions include writing poems and stories, as well as acting. She has written poetry since middle school and has also taken part in multiple drama productions.

Twitter: @nacnacx
Instagram: @hanannvr

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