Where shall we hide?

24 Sumaya Mohamed

Dear Hooyo,
I remember your sad tale of escape
where those cruel eyes hid in the darkness
awaiting your slumber,
be careful now…
for the trees are no longer safe.
You fled
seeking a sense of belonging
with only your identity as your prized possession.

Teaching us our mother tongue
you gave each of us the gift of Dhaqan (Somali culture).

But mama,
“look over there.”
the familiar torment has made a wicked return.
Those sworn to protect us are no longer a safe
our existence is now an absent thought for many .

As we flee from our shelters,
where we got a taste of your childhood.

I ask you
Where shall we hide Hooyo?

Sumaya Mohamed (Photographer) is an aspiring photographer and visual artist currently residing in Bosaso, but roaming around Somalia. Her images portray everyday life in the motherland.

Instagram: @svmaya

Aftha Ayan (Author) writes poetry daily. She is an English teacher of adults, and in her spare time writes and reads books. Aftha has completed a BA in English Literature and PGCE in English/ESOL. She lives in Manchester, UK where she was born and bred.

Instagram: @alyanur._

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